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It is almost a miracle that the audience receives your SMS directly at any moment, because in other advertising methods, the audience must be on the path of your advertisement to view that content, for example, in TV advertisements, the audience First, he must watch that program or movie to see your ads in the commercial messages section.

The competitive advantage of mass SMS sending compared to other advertising methods is the very high speed of its publication at the moment, because this process is completely electronic and only depends on the software and hardware power of the short message system. We have the ability to deliver your 1,000,000 million text messages to your audience worldwide in less than 10 minutes.

You will get more results than you spend, because the cost of sending mass SMS is almost free compared to other advertising methods, for example, to print 5,000 color brochures of which maybe only 1,000 will reach your audience, you need more than 5,000,000 million. pay tomans, if with this cost, you can send advertising SMS to almost 300,000 people

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The concern of these managers is not money. It's quality only.
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